Taxi 1 taxi network in the city of Bergen, Norway

Installation and commissioning of 75 Juicebox 2.0 car charging stations (22kW model) of ENEL company at Taxi 1. The charging stations are used to service the electric taxi fleet.

Taxi 1 is the largest and most recognizable taxi company in Bergen.

Scope of work

Enel chargers and equipment of Rhenes electric equipment were used in the project.

Scope of work:

  • Supply and increase power by replacing the power cable from the transformer
  • A new section for the distribution of electricity for charging stations - a new block of electrical switchboards
  • Installation of the Juicebox 2.0 charging station
  • Implementation of internet connection
  • Launching the commercial system - regulated payments for customers connected to the charger
  • Correct operation of the V2G and demand response system
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