Energy-efficient, high-tech LED displays

We are the official distributor in Poland of CLT, the leader in solutions for the Digital Signage market in the world (chain stores, sports facilities, conference rooms). We offer displays and LED panels of many sizes, suitable for the customer's needs, up to 10 meters with a distance between 1mm diodes. Solutions are equipped with advanced IT applications, among others to support the remote loaded ad content.

We support designers in the selection and design of the Digital Signage system for a specific facility

We support the assembly and launch of systems based on our solutions

We quickly answer technical questions, we advise on the choice of a particular solution, beneficial for the investor and the recipient

We have a wide base of references for the Digital Signage market which we share with customers

LED displays with advanced technical quality

The solution we offer is unique - each panel consists of cells that can be replaced and any display of your display. Each cell has its own receiver, thanks to which the displays can also be programmed using the mobile application.

  • Unique technical solutions.
  • Many types and executions, we meet the client's expectations
  • We have references from sports weil and chain stores around the world
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