Contactors and thermal relays

Modern technology

The contactor is capable of switching on, off and conducting current under normal operating conditions and in an overload condition.

Product quality is guaranteed by the Rhenes inspection and quality department. In addition, contactors and thermal relays from each batch are selectively checked at Avitron Polska.

They are used to conduct currents with high ratings, e.g. to switch on motor circuits.

Applications and functions for thermal relays protect the loads against overload and phase loss.



Technical Data of Ev5R-K
Standard IEC60947-4-1
Approval CE
Tripping class 10A
Number of connecting pin 3, 4
Rated operational voltage (V) Up to 690
Rated insulation voltage (V) 690
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp (kV) 6
Rated current range (A) 0.1-0.16, 0.16-0.25, 0.25-0.4, 0.4-0.63, 0.63-1, 1-1.6, 1.6-2.5, 2.5-4, 4-6, 5.5-8, 7-10, 9-13
Signalling Trip indicator
Tightening torque (N·m) 0.8
Degree of protection IP20
Ambient air temperature (° C) -5 to +40, max .. 95 % humidity
Stroage temperature (°C) -40-+75
Maximum operating altitude (meters) 2000
Flame resistance V1
Mounting Directly under the contactor





Ev6F / Ev6R-F

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