Analog meters

Modern technology

Analog meters are used to display values in an electrical circuit analogously. Meters for measuring: current, voltage, power factor and frequency.

Product quality is guaranteed by the Rhenes inspection and quality department. In addition, analog meters from each batch are selectively checked at Avitron Polska.


Technical Data
Standard IEC60051-1
Accuracy (class) 1.5/2.5
Mechanical Character It can withstand vibration on acceleration 30 meters/second 2 with shosk freqency 80 - 120 per minute 2 hours transportation.
Dielectric Strenght AC voltage 50Hz 2KW/ 1 minute
Voltage Influence When rated value changes ± 15%, the indicated value should not exceed the basic tolerance.
Thermal Resistance 70 - 120
Operating Temperature (ºC) -20-+40 relative humidity <80%

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