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Industrial sockets

Rated current up to 63A. Industrial sockets are used in installations where high-current or three-phase power supply is needed.


Intelligent combined power capacitors

Reactive power compensation by one capacitor bank unit up to 70 kVar. Working in a 0.4kv low voltage network, intelligent installation of passive compensation (intelligent combination of low-voltage energy-saving power capacitor) can reduce line power losses, correct power factor, improve energy quality, and save energy. It combines advanced technologies, such as modern measurement and automatic control, power engineering, network communication and a power capacitor. Compared to traditional reactive compensation systems, it is smaller, cheaper, more economical, more flexible, more convenient to maintain, provides less power consumption, has a longer life and greater reliability. The capacitor compensation installation offers solutions that improve the power factor and increase the efficiency of the power grid. The main areas of application are factory energy distribution systems, residential energy distribution systems, municipal commercial buildings, tunnel distribution energy systems, transformer box substations, cabinet sets and external distribution boxes. We also offer combined power capacitors with an APF active filter with the ability to set priorities.


Mechanical units blocking contactors

The main contactor contact will be activated when the lever in the lock is pulled, which will block the contactor, when the coil of the lock unit is electrified, the lock will be released.


Power Capacitors

Capacity up to 1015μF. A capacitor is a device used to compensate for inductive reactive power. This is a traditional way of regulating power.


Analog meters

Analog meters are used to display values in an electrical circuit analogously. Meters for measuring: current, voltage, power factor and frequency.


Digital meters

Digital meters are used to electronically present values in an electrical circuit. Meters for measuring: current, voltage, power, power factor and frequency.


Delay operation units

The Delay operation device can maintain control supply voltage for 1-4s or prevent unwanted change of contactor position after a sudden power outage.


Time relays

Used in the staircase control circuit, according to the set delay time of turning on and off the circuit, in three-phase star-delta motor start, automatically controls the start delay, automatically converts circuits for a set time. It has built-in microcontrollers, knob setting, adjustment of start time and conversion time. LED indicator shows work status. Star-delta conversion control. Mounting also on a DIN rail.


Voltage protection relays

Used in air-conditioning devices, lifting rooms, pumps, fans and other devices controlling the engine work, such as protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, phase failure, wrong phase sequence, 3-phase asymmetry. When the power supply is incorrect, it turns the power off to protect the device against poor voltage quality.


Power relays

Electromagnetic relays with rated current up to 10A.


Current transformers

Possibility of gearing up to 3000A / 5A. Current transformers are responsible for indirect measurement of electrical values in the circuit. They convert the current flowing in the primary circuit to the current in the secondary circuit.


Switching power supplies

Current output up to 40A. The power switches allow the load to be powered by a different voltage, depending on the output used. They have a built-in EMI filter, short-circuit, overload, overvoltage protection and limit AC inrush current.


Mount frame separately units

Used where separate mounting of the device is required to separate from the electrical circuit.


Star-delta starters

Throughput up to 30kW. It is a winding start switch designed for starting three-phase motors, connecting the stator windings first in a star and then in a triangle to reduce the starting current.


Air condition AC contactor

Rated current up to 60A, Rated voltage: 24V, 120V, 240V. The contactor of this series is used for switching the circuit off and on. Specially designed for air conditioning requirements.

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