MCCB compact circuit breakers

MCCB power breakers

MCCB compact switches are popular power switches to protect electrical installations against short circuits and overloads. Circuit breakers have the option of appropriate current settings and communication options.

Product quality is guaranteed by the Rhenes inspection and quality department. In addition, MCCB circuit breakers from each batch are selectively checked at Avitron Polska.

Power switches are used in every electrical installation with higher installed power.


  • Protection of electrical installation against short circuit,
  • Overload protection,
  • Optional electric shock protection,
  • Optional low voltage.


Technical data of Ev20
Rated Working Voltage 380V/400V, 660V/690V
Rated Insulation Voltage 690V
Rated Impulse Withstanding Voltage 8kV
Application Type A
Sorted by Tripping Unit a) Thermalmagnetic type (Ev20-125-800)
b) Electronic Type (Ev20-400-1600)
Sorted by Phase a)3P
Sorted by Application a) Distribution System Type
b) Motor Protection Type
Sorted by Rated Ultimate Breaking Capacity a) S - Standard Type
b) H - High Breaking Capacity Type
Soretd by Operation a) Manual Type (no code)
b) Electrical Operating Type (code as "D")
c) Rotatory Handle Type (coded as "Z")

Basic and additional elements of the MCCB breaker:

1. Cover
2. Plugin in the base
3. Electronic trigger
4. Extendable base
5. Rotating handle
6. Motor drive mechanism
7. Shunt release
8. Undervoltage release
9. Alarm contact
1O. Auxiliary contact
11. Rear mounting plate
12. Front connection plate
13. Cage clamp terminal


Basic and additional elements of the MCCB breaker:

1. Cover
2. Plug in bottom base
3. Electric shock protection module
4 Electric operating module
5 External wiring board
6 Shunt release
7 Undervoltage release
8 Auxiliary coil
9 Alarm coil
10 Rotating handle



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