About Avitron

  • Over 10 years of experience in the power sector
  • We offer comprehensive advice and support
  • We combine international experience and Norwegian quality to create unique and energy-efficient solutions
  • For the offered solutions, we offer a very wide range of supplies and assistance in the implementation of the investment
  • We have international references confirming reliability
    and durability of the offered products

History of Avitron

International experience supported by knowledge and competence of engineers.

  • 2008 Establishment of Avitron Norge AS
  • 2013 Transfer of the registered office of Avitron Norge AS to Bergen
  • 2016 Avitron Norge AS enters into cooperation with Rhenes in Norway
  • 2018 Enlargement of Avitron Norge AS to ECOlight AS (industrial and LED streetlights)
  • 2018 Establishment of the new management board of Avitron Norge AS
  • 2019 Opening of Avitron Polska Sp. z o.o. in Gdansk,
  • 2019 Beginning of cooperation with eMotorWerks / Enel X as a general distributor in Poland
  • 2019 Beginning of cooperation with Rhenes as a general distributor in Poland
  • 2019 Beginning of cooperation with Propsolar as a general distributor in Poland

Avitron Polska

Avitron. Department in Poland

Kamil Babiński Kamil is a graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology where he obtained the MSc degree. from the fields of electrotechnics and energetics, on which he received the Rector's scholarship for the best students. Director of electrical engineering and board member at Avitron Norge also chairman of the board at Avitron Polska. Previously, the designer of electrical installations and fire alarm systems and C # programmer. Has extensive knowledge of the electrical engineering and computer science. He is active at the scientific level, he creates publications, where he got the award for the best publication in the field of electrical engineering in the following articles: "The use of computers in science and technology" in Poland awarded by the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Electrotechnics. In the past, he was responsible for large projects in Poland, Norway also Europe and US. He got a security certificate with the "confidential" clause and norwegian electrical permissions. Privately, he is interested in athletics - where in the past he was a three-time academic champion of Pomerania in sprinting, and football, computers and technological novelties. Kamil's mission in Avitron is to build a brand in Europe and an established position in Poland.
Piotr Szymański Experience: Piotr has 12 years of experience in the electrical and automation branch. In the beginning it was railway energy than refineries, chemical, pharmacy , pulp&paper ,power plants and finally district heating, water and sewage and buildings. He worked as an engineer, technical specialist, project manager of EPC projects and last 5 years as sales manager. His actual position is sales director in Avitron Polska, responsible of company’s business startup and development in Poland. Achievments: Many successfully win and realized multi-branch valuable EPC projects (modernization according to ATEX of CHP power plants, paint industry), including lighting, electric drives, power distribution boards, automation, heat tracing. He wrote several articles in branch press (polish Magazyn Ex, german Ex Magazine). Hobby: Piotr’s passion is mountain bike (competition and training). In the past it was also sport motorcycles. Beside he like modern technologies, sci-fi and thriller literature and movies.

We help identify and find solutions for the challenges facing our clients. We want to contribute to the development of a more sustainable energy sector,
always looking for new ideas. We focus on improving our skills and we conduct a targeted development policy of our organization.

More about us

Avitron. Department in Poland

Avitron was founded in Bergen in 2008. Avitron is a recognized service company in the field of electro-automation solutions and specializes in the green energy and electromobility sectors. We provide our clients with optimal and innovative engineering solutions. 20 qualified employees Avitron is located near our clients in the company's offices in Norway and Poland. In addition, we are distributors of chargers for electric vehicles, a full range of electrical equipment, solar panels and heat pumps.

Vision and values

  • We are trustworthy and reliable, we create realistic expectations and we are oriented towards the final result while keeping our promises.
  • Our approach to customers is based on mutual trust and respect.

Modern technologies

  • Our offer prepared for the Polish market includes products of the best quality, confirmed by many certificates and tests by independent institutions in Europe.
  • We have technologies for which there is a demand, and which in Poland are still not available.


  • We are open to dialogue and constructive discussion.
  • We are honest, we provide clear feedback and we are happy to cooperate.


  • We are creative, we adapt to the needs of our clients and we are always available when needed.
  • We ensure that our colleagues can do their work safely and efficiently.
  • We listen to the needs of our clients and look for solutions where it is desirable.

Feel free to contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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